Unraveled: Launching April 2022


If you or someone you care about has experienced a devastating loss, you may be wondering how anyone could survive such debilitating grief. How do you find a way forward through that kind of darkness? Living in the light again probably seems impossible.

That’s what Kyle and Betty Mertens thought when they lost their one-year-old daughter Ella to an unforeseen heart defect. Overwhelmed by the tragedy, neither of them could see a way through the darkness. They knew only one thing–that they would find it together.

Unraveled is like having a trusted friend who’s been there, walking beside you as you navigate the unpredictable process of grieving.

You’ll learn how compassion, empathy, humor, and support can light the path toward healing and ward off anger and bitterness. You’ll see that it is possible to find balance between grieving and moving forward, and to process your loss while rediscovering the joys life has to offer. And you won’t have to do it alone.

Foreword by Bree Smith-Friedrichs: Personal Friend and Award Winning Meteorologist